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In a recent review essay, I discussed the future of Europe in the time of Muslim immigration into the Old Continent; but, in this one, I share Régis Debray’s lament for…

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

My Vanishing America

I was raised in the distant lands of Morocco, on the southern shore of the Strait of Gibraltar, a waterway—I was solemnly told by my elders—that was opened for maritime…

United States Marine Corps War Memorial

Nations Without Honor

Respect to Tamler Sommers for daring to write Why Honor Matters, a book about a subject that, in my opinion, hasn’t had any currency whatsoever in the life of Americans…

Cross in sunset

The Risky Business of Being Human

I just finished reading a book by Nassim Nicholas Taleb titled Skin in the Game: Hidden Asymmetries in Daily Life and am now wondering whether I will ever be able…


Anouar Majid

Anouar Majid is the author of five books dealing with Islam, the West and America in the modern world. He is also a novelist, the author of Si Yussef. You could find some of his reflections on topics outside this magazine's scope at his blog Tingitana.

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