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Gilets Jaunes Acte-XIV

In 2016, the year Britons, eager to reclaim their sovereignty, voted to exit from the European Union and Donald Trump was ushered into the American presidency against all odds, the…


The School of Athens, Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino (1511)

The Peril of Democracy Without Aristocrats

When I first read an essay by Anthony Kronman excerpted from his new book The Assault on American Excellence in the Wall Street Journal, I immediately drafted a letter to the editor to point out …

Jean Discart, L’Atalier de Poterie, Tanger | © Jean Discart

Mathias Enard’s Orient

I was perhaps 13 or 14 when I first met Muhammad Asad, alias Leopold Weiss, the distinguished journalist and author of The Road to Mecca (1952)—a memoir of his mid-century travels in…

A Damning Audit of Education

When I picked up my son from the airport on a cold December night, one of the first questions I asked him was about his courses in the private liberal…

Still-Life with a Skull, Philippe de Champaigne (1671)

Corpus americanus

Barbara Ehrenreich, the celebrated activist writer (not sure what title suits her best), has unleashed a sobering critique of American society and its obsession with perfect bodies, wellness, and the…

Destruction, Thomas Cole (1836)

The Quest for Antifragility

Not long ago, I wrote about Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s Skin in the Game, his latest book in a series of book publications that form a whole called Incerto (Latin for…

Caravaggio’s Judith Beheading Holofernes

La Belle Juive

As a keen museumgoer, I have spent countless hours looking at paintings of beautiful Jewish women. Yet until recently I had not realized that the motif of the beautiful Jewess is a recurrent and evolving trope in Western literature and the visual arts.

Jordan Peterson sold out at the Beacon Theater

The Jordan Peterson Show in New York

Recently, I reviewed Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life, using a traditional style of storytelling, instead of a typical book review, which, given the stature of the man among his…

The Philosophy of a Drywall Man

Occasionally, I come across remarkable Americans who remind me of the spirit that has made the United States an exceptional nation, one that has injected an earthshaking dose of heroism…


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